Blessed to be a vegan in Los Angeles. Lover of food and wine. Explorer of veg fashion and beauty. Proud kitty mommy. On a fitness journey. <3

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  1. Dear Veganista,
    I came across your blog due to that I’m doing some user research on the needs of a tailgating foodie. It is, of course onbehalf of a client.
    We want to better understand the specifics of prepping, transporting, serving food at a tailgating event. Or put in a better way, what are the needs of a foodie on a tailgate? Are all your needs met, what works, what doesn’t, what could make your tailgating easier, what would add value etc. Please enlighten us? Or do you know someone who would?
    Yours Sincerely

  2. Hi Tish. I went to the Animal History Museum museum’s celebration tonight at their space in the mall in Burbank, 7pm -9pm. Apparently it was cancelled? I saw their space but it was closed. Was I in the wrong place? I also brought my son who was excited about this event.

    1. Oh no 🙁 I am trying to look and see if any cancellation was posted. It looks like the Facebook event has been deleted. I’m not involved with the planning of these events but I’m terribly sorry that my post may have caused you to go to a cancelled event. I no longer see any mention of the event on the website. However, a quick google search shows that the event was listed on several other websites and is consistent with what I have listed. I’m guessing you are correct and it was indeed canceled at the last minute. Again, I’m really sorry.

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