Gluten Free At Vegan Street Fair

I recently found out that I have a sensitivity to Gluten. As such, I’ve been advised by my doctor to give it up. I was a little nervous about attending my first sans gluten vegan festival. I was so excited to find out that not only did Vegan Street Fair list all the vendor menus online, but they also marked all the gluten free, soy free and nut free options. Turns out there are so many gluten free options that I don’t even know how I’m going to choose. I know there are plenty of others that can’t have gluten for one reason of the other. I’ve decided to make it a little easier for you guys by compiling a comprehensive list of all the gluten free vendors. Be sure to check them out and don’t forget to visit the Vegan Street Fair website for full menus, nut free and soy free options. 

  1. A Savory Twist- GF “sinviche” tostada and zucchini chickpea fritters. 
  2. AB Sorbets– Offering GF sorbet cups and fruit shells. 
  3. Baby Love Sweetery- GF cupcake kabobs. 
  4. Beanfields– Offering GF chips.
  5. Best Gumbo in the Hood– Selling GF chips.
  6. Bling Bling Dumpling– Serving GF fried tofu and Taiwanese rice noodles.
  7. Blue Window– GF Tornado Potato.
  8. ByChloe– GF chocolate chip cookie and two GF chill ByChloe flavors.
  9. Calidelphia Lemonades and More– Several GF snacks including candy, popcorn and lemonade. 
  10. Califa Farms– Complimentary Samples.
  11. Casa De Brisa– An almost completely GF menu with tacos, nachos, sopes, tostadas and more. 
  12. Cena Vegan– Try the GF Barbacoa option on the tacos or nachos. 
  13. Chacha Kombucha– Selling all Gf kombucha in strawberry basil , guava, hops or passion fruit flavors. 
  14. Charlie’s Brownies– Selling GF brownies and blondies which can both be made into ice cream sandwiches. 
  15. Chinese Laundry– Offering 3 different Gf noodle dishes. 
  16. Clean South– Go for the veggie slaw, corn bread or the BBQ pulled soy with collards. 
  17. Cruciferous– Several GF options such as cherry almond milk and lotus rice packets.
  18. Cup My Cakes– An entirely GF menu of cookies and cupcakes. 
  19. Divine Dips– Serving up GF frozen treats.
  20. Eko Eats– Kimchi and kimchi fried rice.
  21. Erva Mate Blends– GF cold brew yerba mate. 
  22. Estolia’s– GF chips and salsa. 
  23. Evolve Bakery– Go with the GF “brookie”.
  24. Falasophy– GF options include the spicy garlic fries, brussels sprouts and salad bowl.
  25. Follow Your Heart– Complimentary samples. 
  26. Free and Friendly Foods– Offering nut free, soy free and gluten desserts. 
  27. Full Bloom– Juices, smoothies and fruit bowls. 
  28. Happy Elephant Vegan– GF noodles and mango sticky rice. 
  29. House Foods– Complimentary vegan chow mein and baked tofu bars. 
  30. Hugo’s Tacos– GF tacos and rice pudding. 
  31. India Jones– GF curry option. 
  32. Infinity Hot Sauces– All GF
  33. Jaycelab– GF options such as toasted ravioli and deviled eggs. 
  34. Kelly’s Croutons– Selling GF gourmet cheezy parm.
  35. Kona Ice– All GF frozen goodies. 
  36. Kuli Kuli– GF super food bars and energy shots. 
  37. Les Beaux Chocolats– GF decadent treats. 
  38. Main Squeeze– Lemonade and ice tea. 
  39. Mama’s International Tamales– GF Mexican food and drinks. 
  40. Mexvegana– GF enchiladas, gorditas and drinks. 
  41. Nature’s Charm– All GF ingredients such as coconut whipped cream and sweetened condensed milk. 
  42. Nay Nay’s Tacos– GF Tamales, BBQ jackfruit and horchata. 
  43. Nelly’s Organics– GF chocolate bars. 
  44. Ojuko– Various organic cold pressed beverages. 
  45. One Veg World- GF Summer rolls and Thai iced tea. 
  46. Orgain– GF nutritional shakes and protein powders. 
  47. Palm & Bean– Coconut milk based coffee. 
  48. Pies by Dominic– All GF.
  49. Pixsweet– GF ice pops. 
  50. Plant Food For People– Serving up GF tacos, mulitas and nachos. 
  51. Pooja Cuisine of India– GF curries and beverages. 
  52. Pop Pa’s Gourmet Popcorn– All GF
  53. Proper’s Pickle– GF pickled goodies. 
  54. Raw Life Cultivated– GF juice. 
  55. Ripple– Complimentary plant milk.
  56. Riot Grill– Go for the sleater chili. 
  57. Sage– Offering up and large menu of their gluten free favorites including their jack fruit nachos. 
  58. Scandylous Delights– Flavored frozen lemonade. 
  59. Shugah Mama– GF cookies and ice cream. Try the limited edition ice cream sandwich featuring yoga-urt.
  60. Soup Bazaar– Tomato soup.
  61. Southern Fried Vegan– Build a bowl using their various GF offerings. 
  62. Sub Zero– Ice Cream
  63. SunCafe– GF Bulgogi Bowls and Macaroons. 
  64. Sweetfires’s Roasted Nuts– Almonds, cashews, walnuts and pecans. 
  65. Taqueria Veganza– GF Tamale’s 
  66. TGI Vegan– Vegan over easy fried eggs.
  67. The Abbot’s Butcher– GF Spanish chorizo tacos.
  68. The Blaq Square– GF fudge, chili cheese fries and organic hibiscus tea. 
  69. The Dirty Cookie– Cookies, cookie butter, cookie shots and ice tea. 
  70. The Raw Juicery– Cold pressed juice, charcoal lemonade and nut mylks. 
  71. Todo Verde– Fully GF menu including hearts of palm ceviche and aqua frescos. 
  72. Trejo’s Tacos– GF Chips, Salsa, and tacos.
  73. True Earth Vegan– Fully GF menu including buffalo cauliflower among others. 
  74. Two Bird’s Baking Co.– GF twinkies, ding dongs, and beverages. 
  75. Vegan Dots Ice Cream– serving various ice cream flavors most of which are GF. 
  76. Vicious Dogs– Fully GF menu.
  77. Whole Foods Market– Fresh young coconut. 
  78. Workaholic– Kimchi.
  79. Yoga-Urt– GF soft serve. 
  80. Young Scent– Fruity beverages. 
  81. Your Vegan Friend– GF jackfruit tamales and Tamalazos. 
  82. Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen- GF desserts and cheese. 

Check out the full menus here.

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