Where To Get Vegan Holiday Tamales In Los Angeles

This year I think I’m going to take a break from our usual Holiday faire. Instead, I have my sights set on a nice big batch of tamales. First, I had to find out where exactly you can get vegan tamales. Turns out there were way more options than I imagined. Since, I’ve come across several other people looking for vegan tamales as well, I decided to make an official list. I think this will be exactly the quick, easy, and delicious option we have been looking for. The only problem  is trying to decide which of these amazing options to go with. 

Julia’s Vegan Tamales– Offering a variety of vegan tamales at $30 a dozen. More Info

Photo via Julia’s Vegan Tamales

Plant-based Tamales $3ea. / $30 Dozen

Made with yellow corn, veggie oil, traditional Herbs & spices wrapped in a Peruvian Banana Leaf.

  • Assortment of Wild Mushrooms w/ Cherry Tomatoes & Tapioca Jack Cheese
  • Nopales (Catus) w/ Red Onions and Cherry Tomatoes
  • Veggie Stir-Fry (Potatoes, Kale, Cherry Tomatoes, Avocado)
  • Chile Relleno (Poblano stuffed w/ Grilled Tofu) & Tapioca Cheddar Cheese
  • Seasoned Grilled Zucchini w/  Spinach & Tapioca Jack Cheese 
  • Steamed Portabella Mushroom w/ Spinach & Tapioca Cheddar Cheese
  • Fajitas (Grilled Red & Yellow Peppers Strips, Red Onions)
  • Soyrizo & Red Onions (w/ Cheddar VEGAN CHEESE)

Dear Mama– Offering jackfruit “Puerco/Pork” en Salsa Roja Tamales as well as “Queso/ Cheese” con rajas and salsa verde. $45/dozen. Email DearMamaLa@gmail.com for more info or to place an order. Their FB page.

Photo via Dear Mama

Vegana Casera– No longer taking Christmas orders. However, you can still get in your orders for New Years until December 26th. Orders can be made via page message, text or email at veganacasera@gmail.com Check out the menu here

Photo via Vegana Casera

The Vegan Tamale Company– Now taking holiday orders. Available via delivery or shipping. First delivery free for Southern California residents. Order via their website, phone or FB page

Photo via The Vegan Tamale Company

Gracias Madre– Offering both Calabazas con Mole or Tamales de Manzana for your holiday meal. Order Form.

Photo via Gracias Madre

The Grain Cafe– Offering a tamale Dinner for 10 people (Portobello or Mole). Also pineapple tamales available. Contact Info.

Photo via The Grain Cafe

Just Missed them…

One Veg World– If missed this years cut off to order, make sure to keep an eye out for next years flavors.  More Info

Photo Via One Veg World

Tamara’s Tamales–  Offers several vegan tamale flavors. The holiday order cut off date was December 16th. If you missed it, you can still pick up in person on a first come first served basis. More Info

Photo via Tamara’s Tamales

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