A Recap Of The 2nd Annual Vegan Street Fair

This was the second year that the Vegan Street Fair (VSF) was held and I had much more fun compared to the first year.  The Fair was held in a much bigger street location to accommodate the 15K-20K that attended.  This year had 32 ticket lines vs. 2-3 from the previous year and had many more vendors.  The biggest game-changer this year though was the option to purchase the VIP pass online.

The VIP pass was around $40 and included 12 tickets (a $6 value) and allowed me to go in the VIP ticket purchase line and vendors had VIP windows for ordering and receiving food.  These VIP lines were significantly shorter than the general admission lines and allowed me to purchase tickets and food without having to wait more than 5 minutes.

 On to the food…which is what I came for!  I was glad to see that all vendors had at least one item that was $3, as one goal of VSF is to provide small portions for attendees to try so that they can try multiple dishes and vendors instead of getting full from just one.  There were some vendors that had items under $3 and also a “special” or full-portion item for around $10.

Photo Credit: The Veganista Foodie

Thanks to VSF, I was able to try out new places and dishes including:

Casa de Brisa’s cactus tacos and quesadilla with mushroom and spinach

Big Earth Café’s sample platter that included seaweed salad, carrots, garlic, mushroom, and peppers)

Vegan Pizza’s corn dog and “egg” roll

Clean South’s fried “chicken”, mac and “cheese”, and cornbread

Heidi Ho & Better Bean Co.’s team-up to create tasty nachos

Karma Baker’s brownie

Les Beaux Chocolat’s chocolate fondue with marshmallow and sticks for dipping

Ridiculous Baking Co.’s donut cone topped with Nada Moo ice cream

Photo Credit: The Veganista Foodie

I was also able to have some rolls from Shojin, which is one of my favorite go-to places.

In addition to the food, there were some info tents and vendors selling clothing (for cash, not tickets).  There was also a DJ to keep the positive vibes going and to help ensure that attendees had a great time. The only “bad” thing about the VSF was the ticket system, which the organizers have announced will not be included next year.

With great food, perfect weather, and an awesome atmosphere…year 2 of VSF was a fun event and I’m looking forward to next year!

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