The 7 Best Vegan Brunches In L.A.

Easter is this weekend and Mother’s Day will be here before we know it. The upcoming holidays got me thinking about all the wonderful brunch options in LA. and, if you are anything like me, you don’t need much of an excuse to indulge in a little brunch action.

As Angelenos, we are blessed by all the plant based options available to us. L.A. is home to some of the best vegan restaurants in the world. Many of them have fantastic brunches prepared by amazing chefs. That means us veggies can brunch with the best of them. They are so fantastic that they are frequented by many non-vegans. This makes them great places to take omni friends and family that appreciate a good plant based meal.

There are a plethora of options in L.A. Some of them are not covered here. However, these 7 are all ones I have tried myself and consider top notch. I’m getting hungry just writing this post. These should be on the bucket list of any plant based foodie. 

 Gracias Madre

Gracias Madre is one of my all time favorite restaurants. I love pretty much everything I have there. The ingredients are fresh and the dishes are full of flavor. It’s also my favorite place for a vegan friendly cocktail. Their brunch menu is just as good as the regular menu.

My current favorite item on the brunch menu is the chilaquiles. I almost always try this dish when I see a vegan version on a menu. What I love most about the variation at Gracias Madre is the flavorful and slightly smokey sauce.  My boyfriend is a big fan of the chimichanga and the torta. I’d have to say that my favorite breakfast appetizer is the biscuits and gravy. They are perfectly flaky with a rich and creamy gravy. They are somewhat dense, so if you aren’t careful, then you might get full before your entrees come.

This is one of the few places where I still drink hard alcohol. I usually stick to wine. However, the drinks here are too good to resist. The are just the way I like them. They are made with fresh ingredients rather than artificial syrup. They aren’t overly sugary. They don’t have an overwhelming alcohol taste, even though they aren’t stingy with the liquor. My favorite is the “Purista Margarita” made spicy. Though I often go for one of their great mimosas during brunch. 

Whatever you order, you really can’t go wrong with this place. Everything is delicious. I also think the portions are larger than some other similarly priced upscale vegan places. Every time I go, I leave feeling satisfied and eager to come back. 


Sage Vegan Bistro

Sage is another great brunch spot. They serve brunch at both locations (Echo Park and Culver City). Alcoholic beverages are served at the Culver City location as well. They have house made cocktails as well as a great beer and wine list.

No surprise that my favorite brunch dish is the chilaquiles. Their variation is decadently cheesy. It has plenty of added protein from tofu and beans. I also love all the fresh toppings that they use. The french toast is also great as are the many sandwiches on the brunch menu. Sage is a little more casual which makes it great for a get together. The Culver City location also has a great outdoor beer garden area that’s wonderful when the weather is nice. 

If you manage to save room for dessert, stay for a scoop of Kind Kreme (available at both locations). Brunch Menu.


Flore Vegan

When we lived in DTLA, Flore was our go-to brunch spot. It was a quick drive to their location in Silver Lake. We’ve been there numerous times, but always order the same two dishes. We are obsessed with the Tofu Benediction and vegan chicken and waffles. Their crisp banana waffle is the best vegan waffle I’ve had. The Tofu Benediction only has a few ingredients. It’s toasted bread with grilled tofu, kale, tomato and avocado. It’s all topped with a rich and creamy hollandaise sauce, which is definitely the star of the dish.

They have plenty of other delicious options as well as juices and smoothies. I’m a big fan of their freshly squeezed orange juice. They have a deli case filled with picnic friendly items and freshly made desserts. Personally, we are always so stuffed that we don’t have room for dessert.

This location is very intimate and can get pretty busy at times. Head over to brunch early to avoid having to wait for a table. Brunch Menu


 Crossroads Kitchen

Crossroads is another one of my top three restaurants. Usually, we go for dinner or special occasions. We’ve only been to brunch once. Writing this post has reminded me of what I’m missing by not going more often. Also, I kind of have an excuse since I really need better pictures 😉

I love the decor of this place. We’ve been for brunch, lunch, and dinner. All three are amazing. The brunch menu has plant based takes on classics such as benedict. They also have vegan versions of comfort foods such as chicken and waffles. If you don’t want breakfast fare, you can opt for one of the great salads or sandwiches. Several of the menu items feature the amazing Kite Hill brand cheese. 

Crossroads is another place where you really can’t go wrong with anything you order. They are a little on the pricey side but the quality of the dishes makes it worth the extra money. Current Brunch Menu.

Side Note: This is also a great place for celebrity sightings 


 Cafe Gratitude 

Cafe Gratitude is a great bunch spot any time you want something light and healthy. When we lived in DTLA, we were fortunate to be able to walk to the Arts District location. It was a great way to get in some exercise and then get rewarded with a nutritious meal. This is one brunch spot where I never feel heavy or guilty afterwards. If you have a hearty appetite, stick to one of many dishes filled with protein and fiber. So far, I’m partial to the tacos. They are simple, delicious, and satisfying. 

This place is unique in that it has built a theme around being grateful. The dishes are also named with various affirmations beginning with “I am…”. Each time you go in, the server will pose a question that you are meant to reflect on.  

Cafe Gratitude also has quite a few gluten free and raw dishes. That makes it a great place for accommodating various diets. If you are short on time, you can stop in for a quick bite at the bar. They have a variety of pastries, milk shakes, smoothies, fresh juices, and wellness tonics.

Cafe Gratitude has several locations so you are rarely far from one anywhere in LA. Breakfast/Brunch Menu.


 Real Food Daily

Real Food Daily is one of the first vegan brunch spots I ever went to. I was so excited to find vegan benedict and biscuits and gravy. This is also now home to my favorite vegan tuna sandwich. When we are having a cheat day we go for the “Not-Chos” and a brownie bowl. 

They have an awesome variety of pastries and desserts. Most of them can be found in the display case. Try the giant cinnamon roll or a “faux-stess” cupcake. Don’t worry, if you want something lighter they have that too. 

It’s a great place for allergy sufferers becasue all of the soy free, nut free, and dairy free dishes are labeled right on the menu. They have several raw items that are labeled as well. 

This is another place with multiple locations to choose from. They even have a modified version in LAX. The best thing about their brunch is that it goes till 3pm. That makes it a perfect place to stop by after a lazy day of sleeping in or a busy morning. Brunch Menu.




As soon I as published this post, my readers let me know that I had missed one awesome brunch spot. I couldn’t in good conscious add it without having tried it. So, I made my way down there the first chance I got. Now that we’ve moved, it isn’t quite the trek either. 

For starters I had the blueberry mojito. This was my absolute favorite thing about this place. It was just the way I like my cocktails. It was potent enough without tasting to strongly like alcohol. It was also very flavorful and refreshing. It was perfect for the warm and sunny day. I love blueberries and I am not sure why they aren’t used in cocktails more often.

For food, we ordered the florentine and the vegan omelet. We really enjoyed both of these dishes. They were both flavorful, well prepared and still felt healthy. We will definitely be coming back to try some of the other dishes (and order a few more blueberry mojitos 😉 

This is a great place and we also really enjoyed the vibe of the venue. I only wish they had a few more options. I tend to order the more breakfast-y items during brunch and there were only 6-7 to choose from. The good news is that so far they are really good. Can you blame me for wanting even more of their yummy goodness?

Turns out my readers were correct. This place is great find. Also, where else can you get a vegan omelet?

…So this list becomes the top 7 (not 6) vegan brunches in Los Angeles. 



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8 thoughts on “The 7 Best Vegan Brunches In L.A.

  1. You missed the best of them all. Suncafe Organic in Studio City outshines all of these in my opinion and the environment is so beautiful and relaxing. Check it out if you haven’t already. You will be glad you did.

    1. I’ve never been but will definitely make a point to check it out. I’ve heard lots of great things but I didn’t know they did brunch. Sounds awesome 🙂

  2. Wow, all of this food looks and sounds amazing! I’m excited to try a vegan biscuits and gravy. That has grown to be my favorite breakfast. Saving this for when I’m in the area!

  3. Sun Cafe in studio city is my jam! Will literally drive across LA for their brunch and I’m so glad they do cocktails now! When you go back try their Avo toast, yes everyone has an Avo toast but Suns is by far the best tasting and looking!

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