Dining Out Vegan: Kyoto Sushi

Kyoto sushi is a chain restaurant that specializes in all you can eat. Since, we have one across the street from us, we decided to give it a try. They had veggies rolls, cucumbers rolls and avocado rolls.


Each of these can either be made as a hand roll or cut roll. They also had sides of rice and edamame. I was told the seaweed salad was vegan friendly but didn’t try it this time. I also noticed they had vegetable tempura and cucumber salad on the AYCE menu and will check if these are vegan next time around.

We favored the avocado roll. I find avo rolls to be the most filling. We were glad that they were’t stingy with the amount of avocado they used. I was also happy to see that the veggie roll had what I believe to be pickled cabbage. I thought this added a little something extra that you don’t always get in a veggie roll.

We really enjoyed this meal. The AYCE options is a great deal even for us vegans (As long as you are able to eat your moneys worth). Otherwise, all of the items are available on the regular menu. The beer and sake were also very inexpensive. Overall, this place is a good value for the price.

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