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When I began to realize how many vegan events are coming up, I knew I had to compile a list. Once I started, there were even more than I thought. The next few months are going to be very busy for LA vegans. This list is packed with festivals, cooking demos, activism, buffets, cookoffs, pop-ups, parties and tasty eats. Be sure to check out an event or two or all of them 😉



March 31st. Compassionate Connections. “The intersections of feminism and animal rights”. More Info

Image via Intersectional Feminists For Animals

March 31st. Los Angeles Vegan Drinks at Au Lac Fedora Room. More Info


April 2nd. The Humane League’s San Diego Gala. More Info

April 2nd. Cooked Food Vegan Class at Sun Cafe. More Info

April 2nd. Partner Yoga at The Springs. More Info

April 2nd. 5 Course Raw Vegan Alice In Wonderland Dinner. More Info

April 2ndNatural Health Cooking Class. More Info

April 3rdA Decadent Night of  (Vegan) Wine and Cheese. More Info

April 4th. Bunnymania Begins at The National Museaum of Animals and Society. More Info

April 6thFree Movie Night at Au Lac: Forks Over Knives. More Info

April 6th. Be a Cowboy not a Cow Eater: Vegan Workshop and Food Demo.More Info
April 8thLive from Burbank! Premier Exhibition Benefiting Animal History Museum.More Info
April 8th. In Waves: A Soundbath at the Springs. More Info

April 10th. The Gentle Barn Sanctuary Day. More Info

April 10th. Antelope Valley Veggie Potluck. More Info

April 15th. Los Angeles Vegan Drinks @ Little Bar- Pure Luck Pop up. More Info

April 16th. Vegan Scene 90’s Party. More Info

Image via Vegan Scene

April 17th. Biscuits 10th Birthday at The Gentle Barn. More Info

April 17th. Church of Seitan. More Info

April 17thSpring Flow & Detox for Digestive Wellness at Sun Cafe. More Info

April 22nd. Earth Day LA. More Info

April 23rd. Lakeside Rodeo Protest. More Info

April 28th. Burito Project LA. More Info


May 1st. VegFest Los Angeles. More Info

Image via Los Angeles VegFest

May 1st. Herbivore Festival. More Info

May 7th. The 4th Annual Empty the Tanks – San Diego 2016. More Info

May 21st. March Against Monsanto San Diego. More Info

May 28th. LA Vegan Underground Supper Club. More Info


June 4th. Long Beach Vegan Food and Music Festival. More Info

June 18th. Vegan Beer and Food Festival. More Info

Image via Vegan Beer Fest


July 2nd. A Vegetarian/Vegan Network Event. More Info

 Check out Vegan Events for a comprehensive list of SoCal vegan happenings. 





February 6th. Los Angeles Rally For Cecil. More Info

February 7th. Free Food Samples and Health Information Presentations at Rahel Vegan. More Info

February 7th. Super Bowl Pop Up Fiesta. More Info

February 7th. Various Super Bowl Events. More Info

Image 1-28-16 at 4.40 PM
Image via Crossroads Kitchen

February 7th. Raw Vegan Pie Class. More Info

February 11th. A Plant Based Cooking Experience with Jay L. Weiner. More Info

February 11th. LA Book Launch for Jasmin Singer. More Info

February 12th. Bark Bar. More Info

February 13th. P4S Broken Hearts Demo and Vigil. More Info

February 14th. Various Valentine’s Day Events. More Info

February 16th. Art of Cooking Vegan Tamales. More Info
Image via Julia’s Vegan Tamales

February 18th. Beyond Burritos: Plant Based Community Dinner. More Info

February 20th. Vegan All You Can Eat Buffet. More Info

February 28th. 4th Annual Vegan Chili Cookoff. More Info


March 1st. National Pig Day Celebration at the Gadarene SwineThis event will be helping a vegan non-profit called Kindred Spirits Care Farm. Many fun pig themed activities, incredible vegan food, a raffle and so much more. For more info, contact the Gadarene Swine at 818-508-5500 and ask for Gabriel.

March 5th. Pop Lock & Shop It! A pop-up shop benefiting Farm Sanctuary! More Info

March 20th. Vegan Street Fair. More Info

Image via Vegan Street Fair



*If you have an event that you would like to add please email me at

*The Veganista Foodie is not affiliated with any of the above organizations mentioned


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