Luxuriously Cruelty-Free Shoes

It is easy to find a pair of vegan shoes. Finding a pair that is also well made takes a little more effort. Fortunately for all the cruelty-free fashionistas (and fashion savvy fellas) out there, it’s getting easier to find quality shoes made without any animal products. Giving up leather and suede no longer means giving up luxury when it comes to fashion.

Here are 5 pairs of shoes made by entirely cruelty-free companies. Each one, specializing in designs that are gorgeous, well crafted and guilt free.

Cruelty Free vALENTINS

1. Elli by Neuaura 

2. Dannie by Beyond Skin

3. Oracle by Olsenhaus

4. Justin by Novacas

5. Payton by Cri de Coeur


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7 thoughts on “Luxuriously Cruelty-Free Shoes

  1. Wow, all of these shoes are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for taking the time to share these styles because I find it so hard to find cruelty-free shoes!

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