Dining Out Vegan: Sharky’s Woodfired Mexican Grill

We frequently visited Sharky’s pre-vegan and we are glad it is a place we can still go. It is a good place to get a great tasting meal that is crazy cheap. I also love that they have non-gmo and organic ingredients. They have even started labeling all of the vegan items.

On this trip, we ordered a tofu burrito and a tofu taco. Both were super yummy as usual. I’m a chips and salsa junkie and I got my fill of chips and the spicy red salsa.

The beans, brown rice and tortillas are vegan. This means there are plenty of combinations to be made. There are also vegan friendly plates and salads. View the full menu here, or see my comprehensive list of vegan items below.


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Note- I do my best to provide accurate information based on what is available to be. However, it is aways a good idea to double check with the restaurant or your server especially if there is an allergy involved.

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