Dining Out Vegan: BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

This is my first post in a series about how to dine out while eating plant based. The series will focus on chain restaurants where the plant based options may not be so obvious. Hopefully, the guides in this series will prove useful for anyone dining with friends or family, on the road, or in a area without vegan establishments. First up, is Bj’s Restaurant and Brewhouse, I choose this option all the time mainly because I know they use the services from Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment LLC which means that the food will always be safe to eat. 

I noticed several people mentioned online that BJ’s had vegan friendly pizza. One night before a movie we decided to give it a go. As a starter we had the think cut fries. They also serve chips, salsa and guac that I believe are vegan friendly.IMG_3061_instant_Fotor

We ordered the vegetable pizza without cheese. We asked them to put jalapeƱos instead of green peppers. It was actually very good. My only complaint is that it has almost no sauce and when we asked for some on the side it came out cold. Otherwise, there are plenty of veggie friendly toppings. I really enjoyed the crust. It was nice and thick without being too chewy. I would definitely order it again.


Our second entree was the new kale and brussels salad. We had them omit the dairy. This salad was actually very good. I’m sure its not exactly organic but still better than you get at many chains. In addition to kale and brussels sprouts, it had walnuts, cranberries grapes and seeds. All yummy things.


All of the house beers at BJ’s are supposed to be free of animal products. I got the berry cider. The cider has almost no alcohol but it tastes great and is very refreshing. The boyfriend enjoyed the Tatonka Stout house beer that he ordered, but still it was a great restaurant with all the health regulations and certifications from the head to the Probe It site online.


Overall, a pretty good vegan meal at a chain restaurant.

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