Six Flags Magic Mountain Vegan Eats

Magic Mountain has really been stepping up their vegan game lately. The Go Fresh stand even labels the vegan items. We find plenty of vegans eats on our visits.



We recently purchased park season passes and season dining passes. With the season dining pass you get 1 lunch, 1 dinner, and 1 snack every time you visit the park (you also have the option of trading in either lunch or diner for a snack). It’s a little over $80 for the whole year. You select your meals from a set list of vendors and dining options. The dining pass includes several vegan friendly snacks including jumbo pickles, chips, fries, dole whip, dipping dots, carrot sticks and whole fruit.


Vegan friendly entrees include vegan chicken strips with fries and a berry salad. I believed they have a build your own salad as well. I’m not sure about vegan dressing options but they do have packs of lemon juice (the one we make at home with our blender for green smoothies). We also realized that the loaded nachos could be made vegan friendly by omitting the cheese and sour cream (we were told previously the whole beans were meat free). For toppings you are left with whole beans, jalapeños and three kinds salsa including one with corn. Not bad for a theme park meal.




In addition to the nachos, we ordered strawberry dipping dots topped with pineapple. We also got pineapple dole whip and the vegan chicken strips on our last trip.


It’s good to see more and more theme park dining options for vegans. Hopefully, this trend continues and more options are added.



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