No Meat? No Problem! 7 Awesome Sources Of Plant Protein

One of the most common things vegans are questioned about is their protein. In reality, there is an ample supply of plant protein available. Not only that, but they are lower in bad fat and are all cholesterol free. Many of them even have higher percentages of protein than their animal based counterparts. Here are 7 of the most nutritious sources of readily available vegan proteins.

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Sprouted red and white quinoa


Pronounced (Keen-Wah). Quinoa is gluten free and makes a great grain substitute. It is extremely nutritious. It is high in protein and contains all the amino acids. It is chalk full of antioxidants as well as several nutrients including Manganese, Magnesium and Phosphorus. On top of all that, It is very easy to prepare.

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In addition to being packed with protein, nuts are a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids. They contain fiber, which is great for your cholesterol. Not to mention vitamin E, which is great for skin. All in all, nuts make for a nutritious heart healthy food. Be sure to avoid varieties coasted in excessive, oil, sodium or sugar.

fresh soya beans


Most people already know that soy is a versatile protein that makes a great substitute for meat and dairy. Turns out, soy is also high in isoflavones, fiber, amino acids and lecithin. Another perk is that soy is low in fat.

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Lentils are a wonderful source of Soluble Fiber. This means that they are great for heart health, digestive health, and lowering cholesterol. The complex carbohydrates and fiber make them great for energy. In addition, lentils contain several important vitamins and minerals such as folate and potassium. The best news is they are also low in fat.



Avocados contain a good deal of fat. Don’t worry, its good fat. It containsΒ a monounsaturated fat known as oleic acid. The same good fat found in olive oil. They are full of nutrients such as vitamin k, folate and vitamin c. They are high in fiber and known for aiding in lowering bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels.Β Avocados have a deliciously creamy texture making them great in a variety of recipes.



This category contains several nutrition powerhouses such as chia, flax, hemp. Seeds are high in fiber and vitamin E. In addition to being full of protein, they are high in minerals and zinc. Seeds make a convenient healthy snack or an easy addition to smoothies and salads.

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Beans are low glycemic, contain loads of soluble fiber, and are slowly digested. This makes them great for lowering blood sugar and good for heart health. They are naturally low in fat, which means they are a great protein source for weight loss. Added bonuses are that they are filling and inexpensive.



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  1. I was a vegetarian for about 10 years and though I’m now an omnivore I still eat a mostly plant-based diet. I got so sick of people asking where I got my protein (I’d always point out that protein is in so many more things than just meat). Thanks for highlighting great plant-based sources of protein.

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