We stopped by Vegetable on Friday afternoon as a post birthday celebration for the boyfriend. The menu focuses on plant heavy dishes, the majority of which are vegan and/or gluten free.




We tried four dishes. My absolute favorite were the Charred Brussel Sprouts. They were cooked with bartlett pears, bread crumbs, crispy red onion, and a balsamic reduction. The first bite was a pleasant surprise and was packed with flavor. They just may be the best brussel sprouts that i have ever had. We also ordered the Fungi Flatbread and the Mac and Cheese. I love the fact that they did not skimp on the mushrooms for the Flat Bread. The Mac and Cheese was perfectly creamy and flavorful. It seems that the dessert menu changes daily. We opted do get the brownie parfait. It was not as decadent as other brownie desserts but didn’t feel quite as heavy either. It was a nice little sweet note to end the meal on.


The space is homey, cozy, and quiet enough to carry on a conversation.


The service was sufficient. We went during lunch when there was only one waitress/server. The server wasn’t as attentive as we would prefer but it as understandable since she was by herself.


Vegetable serves the kind of dishes that could make anyone want to eat their veggies. It is comfort food without the downside of making you feel too guilty. I can’t wait to go back and see what else they have to offer.



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