5 & 1/4 Wine Bar

This weekend we had to drive up to Santa Maria to pick up a wine shipment. On the way back we decided to stop by this little wine spot I had heard about in Santa Barbara.



They serve both red and white old world style wines. Each is divided into categories so that you can make a selection based on how adventurous you are feeling. The main feature is that there is always a house red and a house white. The house wines always cost $5.25 (thus the name of the bar). We tried both of the house wines and they were both fantastic. Definitely not your standard, boring, low quality house wine. 5 1/4 serves wines that are not only affordable not also unique. They have just the right amount of complexity to still go down smoothly. This is for sure one of the best values for wine that we have come across. The house wines are also served in these super cool old world cups.

They are serve a small food menu. We tried several items including the popcorn, heirloom tomato salad, chickpea flour pancake and warmed cashews. They were all great and the perfect little snacks to accompany a glass of wine.


The wine bar is located inside of Pacific Crepes.  The vibe was very laid back and casual.


We were greeted by the couple that owns the bar. They were both super friendly obviously very passionate about wine.They explained to us their dream of serving awesome wine that is affordable and accessible to the people. That seems to be exactly what they are doing.


This is an amazing little spot. It is warm and welcoming with great food and wine. We will surely stop by any time we are in Santa Barbara.






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