Highland Park- Emerging Vegan Destination

A few months ago I had never even heard of Highland Park. From what I’ve heard, it wasn’t also the nicest or safest place to visit. However, this little neighborhood has recently had an influx of vegan friendly establishments. HP is home to Organix which is a vegan friendly market. It is also where our favorite cheat day donut shop (Donut Friend) is located. If donuts aren’t your thing, right next door is a location of Scoops ice-cream. Scoops always has two or three vegan friendly flavors which are soy based.

The great thing about scoops is thats its actual creamy ice-cream and not the lone sorbet that vegans are resigned to at other ice-cream shops. If that’s not enough, HP is also home to Plant Food for the people. PFFP operates several locations including one inside Organic Market and a food truck down the street from the dessert shops. PFFP is responsible for those delicious and infamous jackfruit tacos. Highland Park is slowly becoming a mimi foodie destination and I can’t what to try some of the other little spots there.






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